Recordings of tunes from the Collection

Listen to recordings of several tunes found in the Pinewoods Collection by clicking on the tune title below. View examples of how these tunes are notated in the book by clicking on the page image at left.

1) Pravo Horo: A typical Bulgarian 12/8 melody, from the repertoire of accordionist Boris Karlov (Pinewoods Band "South by Southeast")

2) Sandansko: an interesting Macedonian tune in 22/16 (Pinewoods Band)

3) Nishka Banya: a favorite Serbian gypsy song in 9, a rhythm known as a devetorka (from Flying Tomatoes "Rags to Ruchenitzas")

4) Schottishe: a popular Scandinavian couple dance (Flying Tomatoes)

5) Trili Shesht: a lively tune from northeast Romania (Pinewoods Band)

6) Belasichko: a favorite Macedonian dance tune (Pinewoods Band)

7) Güzelleme: Turkish folk poet Ashik Vesel's poem set to a folk-rock beat (Flying Tomatoes)

8) Erev Ba: classic Israeli song (Flying Tomatoes)

9) Pomashko Shirto: a haunting Bulgarian dance tune, featuring the Bulgarian bagpipe and flute , gajda and kaval (Pinewoods Band)

10) Kopanitza: a typical Bulgarian dance melody in 11/16 (Pinewoods Band)

11) Dedo mili dedo: favorite Macedonian folk song in a moderate 2/4 beat (Flying Tomatoes)

all sound recordings 1995, 1998, by Tom Pixton