Features of the Pinewoods International Collection

The second edition of the Pinewoods Collection contains practically all of the scores found in the first edition, but the music has been reset for improved readability and comprehension. Rhythmic guides have been added to show how the meters, many of which are asymmetrical, might be accompanied. Click on the tabs above and the pages at left to view details of the new sections.

While retaining the legibility of the original edition, the scores of the second edition contain more musical detail that will help with interpretive decisions. Slurs and ornaments are used to better advantage without cluttering the pages. Many songs are set with the syllables beneath the notes to aid in singing. Translations are provided on the same page, or a neighboring page where space did not allow.

The most significant additions in the second edition are the chapters that discuss interpretation. Discussion of the unusual rhythms found in the volume and how to accompany them, and issues of ornamentation, both notated and improvised, are explained. A brief history of non-western tonality gives an overview of some of the many non-western scales found in the tunes.

In addition to an expanded and improved pronunciation guide, the second edition features a six-page section of notes and commentary on the tunes, an index of dance tunes by culture of origin, and an index of songs in the volume. The second edition of the Pinewoods Collection will continue to be useful as a fake book for musicians who play for folk dancing, as well as reference volume for those interested in dance music from southeastern Europe and other traditions.