About the Pinewoods International Collection

The primary goal of the Pinewoods International Collection is to provide a usable source of tunes for folk dance musicians. It also serves as a valuable reference volume for interesting folk music from many cultures. Click on the image at left to view representative pages.

The Collection had its origins in 1991 as a binder of music scores used by musicians who played for folk dancing in the Boston area. The scores were intended to be used in a live-music setting, so the format was kept simple and practical. The scores came to be known as the Pinewoods International Collection, named after Pinewoods Camp, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Folk Arts Center of New England holds annual summer dance camps there, at which these scores were used. Some form of this collection continued to be used regularly throughout the year by various musicians in the Boston area. The first published version was released in 1998.

We have made every effort to ensure that the second edition lives up to the expectations of those who have valued the first edition, with improved music engraving, a more informed editorial policy, and a richer selection of music.