Pixton kitchen renovation

January-April 2020

Many thanks to our excellent team of New Hampshire professionals who designed and installed this project under unforseen constraints:

Carolyn Brown, designer and project manager, Fred Varney Inc, Wolfeboro
Harry Goodwin and crew, Peavey Brook Construction, Ossipee
Stephanie, Jaimie, Eric, Michael and crew, Stone Creations, Northwood
Roger, Tom, Candace, Brookside Plumbing, Wolfeboro

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The old kitchen dated from 1985 when the house was built.
We replaced the old linoleum floor with red oak in 2001 but otherwise left the kitchen as it was.
We loved the open construction and the general layout, but the cabinets and fixtures were worn and of poor quality.
Carolyn Brown drew up ideas and offered us options.
Carolyn’s software allowed us to visualize the new kitchen from various angles. She plugged in our appliance list SKU numbers to ensure precise alignment.
Carolyn took our request for an island and conceptualized a dramatic triangular workspace that added a considerable amount of cabinets and counter space.
Harry's crew laid down floor protection on all surfaces and removed the old kitchen in an afternoon. He took every piece out intact and donated it to another family where it is in use and much appreciated.
We wanted to keep the original vertical pine wall boards while minimizing those areas that had become worn or discolored.
Harry and crew kept an immaculate and organized work area.
The wall cabinets were the first to be installed.
With the installation of the base and island cabinets, the new floor plan began to take shape.
The unusual profile of the island gives a dramatic energy to the space.
Eric, of Stone Creations, measured for the new countertops and backsplashes with digital precision.
Carolyn was on hand to discuss some details of exactly how the new countertop pieces would fit together.
With the counter tops, backsplashes, appliances, and light fixtures installed, the new design makes the room seem more spacious.
Carolyn suggested a granite from Brazil, “Giallo Fiorito,” with a color palette that added warmth and vibrancy.
The island is a much welcomed work space and has added as much as 40% to our storage capabilities.
Carolyn composed a granite backdrop for the sink that harmonizes with the existing paneling and window.
The quality of the work and the attention to detail is impressive.
Many thanks to our talented team of professionals who made our project a joyful experience!